Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Vista Eye Care understands how frustrating it can be to suffer from dry eye syndrome. This condition can interfere with your ability to perform work and various other activities. It may also hinder your ability to wear a standard pair of contacts comfortably. If dry eye syndrome is preventing you from wearing your contact lenses, our Las Cruces team can help you find a specialty pair of lenses that are right for you.


Understanding Dry Eye 

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that causes your eyes to feel dry or irritated. You may feel a scratchy sensation, possibly like something is in your eye. Your eyes may visibly appear red. In the more severe cases, dry eye can lead to problems with your vision. However, in some cases, you may have a vision deficit already, and the dry eye limits your options for vision correction. 

Dry eye syndrome can stem from certain medications or eye conditions. Some people experience it after they have LASIK eye surgery. For others, dry eye syndrome is caused by the aging process. 

How Dry Eye Interferes with Wearing Contacts

Dry eye syndrome can affect wearing contacts in one of two ways. For example, some people may notice that wearing contacts is uncomfortable because their eyes are already dry. However, if the contacts don't have much moisture, they will only further irritate the eyes. 

On the other hand, dry eye syndrome can make it nearly impossible for the contacts to remain in your eyes. You might rub the contacts out as you dry to combat the discomfort. 

Contacts for Dry Eyes 

Fortunately, you don't have to forego wearing contacts because you have dry eye syndrome. Instead, our optometrist can provide you with specialized contacts for dry eyes. These particular contacts have a higher fluid concentration. That makes them more flexible and less likely to irritate your eyes. 

Another option you have is daily contacts. With these lenses, you take out a fresh pair of contacts each day. Instead of soaking them in contact solution at the end of the night, you discard them. This way, your contacts are less likely to have time to dry out. 

Visit Our Optometrist for Contacts for Dry Eyes in Las Cruces, NM

At Vista Eye Care, serving Las Cruces, NM, and the surrounding area, we can help treat the root cause of your dry eyes and recommend the contact lenses that are right for you. Our optometrist will provide a thorough eye exam to determine the ideal contacts for you. Schedule a visit with us today by calling 575-521-1050. 

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