Picking the Right Frames

What Goes into Picking the Right Frames

When picking a good pair of glasses, there are a lot of things you must consider in terms of your vision. However, especially since glasses are a lot trendier in recent years, and thus, people are becoming a lot more considerate with respect to picking the right frames. But what goes into that decision-making process? We here at Vista Eye Care in Las Cruces, NM, are here to offer their advice.


What Kinds of Frames Can I Choose?

Frames come in many shapes and sizes, with frames typically recommended by our optometrist to best accentuate your face. Face shape plays a big deal with respect to the best type of glasses to pick. For people who have a round face, square or rectangular glasses are a good fit. This is because they are usually wider than your face and help balance your features better. On the other hand, if you wear round frames, small frames, or frames that lack rims, this will only emphasize your roundness.

Face Type

People who have oval faces are best served by a pair of glasses with a strong bridge. In addition, having geometric shapes and are wider than the broadest portion of your face are good qualities to look for in a pair of glasses. However, those with oval-shaped faces should be mindful of keeping a symmetrical look, which frames that are too big can take away from by obscuring your features. Where round faces benefit from glasses that help to balance their features, so too do square faces benefit. However, their balance derives from frames that soften their edges. Oval and round glasses help, while boxy frames do not. There are other face shapes as well, such as diamond-shaped and heart-shaped faces, with pros and cons for them. Color is also an important factor; you should pick frames that best accentuate your skin color.


Our optometrist will also advise that lifestyle is also an important factor when it comes to what kinds of frames you choose to buy. Some types of frames are just better suited for certain activities and lifestyles than others. For example, if you are someone who does a lot of physical activity, wearing sports frames is probably your best bet. This is true for any activity where losing your glasses would be common, or at the very least, easy to happen.

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